A Day of Remembrance - Update 1

Alongside Instagram, I have decided to create a blog series that will follow my progress composing a piece I've names "A Day of Remembrance" which I aim to release in November in recognition and in honour of Armistice Day. The aim of these updates is more for self thought and reflection if anything, but if it interests you as the reader to follow the process I go through when composing then all the better! (I have left the link at the bottom of this blog post)

As it stands the initial concept came from a short phrase I developed on the piano, which I thought could sound interesting orchestrated for brass with a trumpet lead. Upon creating a quick mock-up using samples I started to get more of a solemn military feel for the short piece and one thing led to another and boom... Remembrance Day! I have no intention of this entire track being somber however, so as I progress through the writing process I hope to pick up the mood slightly, keeping the emotional connection to the theme intact. 

At this moment in time I have no idea how many posts this series will entail, or what exactly they will detail, but I hope if anyone follows along they enjoy the process and all the trials and tribulations that come with it! 



Aaron Kiely