Visions Film Festival (Man-tis! Won!!)

Thursday, 24th of May was the annual Visions Film Festival hosted at the University of Hertfordshire, a black tie event to show off a years worth of film making to friends and family of the film-makers as well as prominent industry figures and companies. After the initial showing of all 14 movies it came time for the audience to vote on their favourite during a short interval (with complimentary prosecco, may I add), reconvening afterwards to watch the awards ceremony take place. 

All together there was roughly 12 awards, some of which were associated with some extraordinarily large names in the industry such as Warner Brothers and ITV, which came with scholarships and internships to work with them and in studios associated with them. As the awards ceremony progressed Man-tis! began appearing in more and more of the nominations and managed to pick up 3 awards overall with something along the lines of 8 nominations. The awards the team won were:

     -The Stanley Kubrick Award for Cinematic Storytelling 

     - The Avid Post Production Sound Award

     - The Student Choice Award

The last awards was a huge achievement for the whole team. Man-tis! was the first to be shown, so after watching hours of other short films it was immensely gratifying for the audience to still vote ours to be the top film. The post production sound award by avid was another amazing moment for the team, especially Jess, the sound editor, and myself as composer knowing how much hard work was put into making the movie sound as good as possible. 

All in all it was an incredible night, one that I will remember for a long time. To answer the question if I will now go by the title of "Composer to the multi-award-winning film Man-tis!"?.. You're damn right I will! 


Aaron Kiely